Update Owner Account Information

Change of Address

Must be requested in writing by the 15th of the month for the change to take affect before next check write.

Download a Change of Address form (.PDF)

Change of Name    

Furnish a certified copy of the court issued document supporting the name change or a certified copy of the marriage certificate.

Minimum Suspense

Change the minimum amount required to release royalties in writing (min. $25).

Download a $25 Minimum Suspense request form (.PDF)

Appoint a Guardian or Attorney-in-Fact

Furnish a copy of Letters of Guardianship issued by a court, or Power of Attorney fully executed and notarized.

Change of Company or Corporation Name       

Furnish a copy of the certificate of name change along with a new W-9 Form.

Company or Corporation Merger

Furnish a copy of the certificate of merger and a new W-9 Form providing new or surviving Tax ID.

Download a W-9 form.