Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about Royalty Checks

When are royalty checks mailed each month?
They are mailed on the 25th unless this day is a holiday or weekend; then they will be mailed on the first business day after the holiday or weekend. For example, if 7/25/XX falls on a Sunday, royalty checks will be mailed on 7/26/XX.
Why haven't I received my check?
Please wait ten business days to give the mail ample time for delivery before contacting Hilcorp. Our minimum check amount is $100.00. If due to fluctuation in volumes and/or prices, your accrued amount is less than $100.00, there will be no check issued that month. You may, however, request that funds be issued to you when your accrued amount reaches $25.00. Download the $25 Minimum Check Form (PDF).

Smaller revenue amounts that fail to meet the minimums above are accumulated month to month until they meet the minimum, at which time you will receive a check. Smaller revenue amounts that have accumulated to more than $10 per owner are paid at least once annually, in October.

Other reasons for not receiving a check include that your interest may have been placed in suspense due to a bad address, transfer of interest, or title dispute.

What do I do if my check is lost, stolen, or becomes outdated?
Contact our Owner Relations at 713-209-2457 to request payment if your check has been lost or stolen. Please have the following information ready when you call:

  • Your name
  • Your owner number
  • Your taxpayer identification number

We will verify the status of your check with our Treasury Department and stop payment if the check is outstanding. The funds will be made available again through reissue to you under a new check number. If your check is over 90 days old, it will not be honored. Please void the check and return it with a written request to reissue to:

Hilcorp Energy Company Attn:

Owner Relations PO Box 61229

Houston, TX 77208-1229

Why does my monthly payment sometimes vary?
Many factors contribute to your payment, including: market conditions, regulatory or contractual changes, diminished production, seasonal conditions, and downtime.
Why does my payment differ from others in my family?
This occurs because ownership between family members is not equal, because one party has not provided Hilcorp with a Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN, or Social Security Number), or because some family members may own an interest in other properties in addition to those commonly owned.
What kind of taxes are deducted from my check?
Generally, state severance taxes are deducted. Further, if you do not provide us your Social Security Number, we may withhold federal income tax as required by the Internal Revenue Service. If you’re a non-resident alien, we may deduct federal income tax from your check.
What are the deductions on my check?

The deductions are usually transportation or gathering charges.

How can I better understand my check details?

Click HERE to view a sample check with labeled details.   

Questions about Unpaid or Suspended Royalties

How do I find unclaimed funds in my name?
Please visit the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrator (NAUPA) website at to locate and collect unclaimed funds in your name.
Why are royalty payments suspended?
The reasons for suspending your revenue are: title dispute, death of owner, transfer of ownership, unknown address, unexecuted division order, escheated, legal requirement, lien, missing tax ID or Social Security number.

Questions as a San Juan Royalty Owner

Hilcorp has begun paying on actual sales starting with January 2019.  Payments generated on April 25, 2019 will include both estimated and actual sales for January 2019 as well as actual sales for February 2019.  Questions?  Please email
When can I expect to start receiving royalty payments based on actual production instead of estimates?
We anticipate we will begin recording actuals starting with the January 2019 production month.
Why is Hilcorp paying royalties based on estimated production instead of actual production?
Hilcorp is paying royalties on estimates while we transition all ownership and properties from the multiple acquisitions Hilcorp has recently made in the San Juan Basin.
How are Hilcorp’s volume estimates determined?
Volume estimates are based on certain actual historical production numbers from either the prior operator or an actual production month operated by Hilcorp.
What price is Hilcorp using?
Hilcorp is using March 2018 prices.
Once Hilcorp starts paying on actuals, does Hilcorp plan to “true-up” the previous royalty payments that were based on estimates? If so, how long will that take?
Yes, Hilcorp plans to “true-up” the previous estimated payments during 2019. We are currently working on a timeline for this “true-up” process and will update this FAQ with that information. Please check back for updates.
Why does my statement show my interest as a 100% ownership interest?
While the statement may show your ownership interest as 100% (i.e., 1.00000000), the ownership interest used for your payment is actual ownership based on the information received from the prior operators.
Who do I call if my payments are missing production months?
If your payments are missing production months please contact Owner Relations at 713- 209-2457 so Hilcorp can review accordingly.
What is the status of funds suspended by previous operators?
Funds placed in suspense by previous operators will transfer to our accounting system. Please check back with us later 1st quarter 2019 for an update on this transfer process.
Can you please provide a copy of my Form 1099?
Please contact Owner Relations at 713-209-2457 to request a copy.
What is the status of my ownership transfer?
We will begin processing ownership transfers in the 1st quarter of 2019.

Questions as a San Juan Working Interest Owner

When will gas balancing statements be available?
Gas balancing statements should be available in 2019. We are diligently working on this issue. Please check back.
I own working interests. Why am I not getting a zero net statement?
Zero Net statements are generated when joint interest billings are netted against working interest revenue. To receive these statements, log on to Energylink ( If you are current on joint interest billings, a zero check may have occurred due to revenue being paid on estimates and/or prior period adjustments. We can provide details for these situations upon request.
I believe that I am owed more gas than Hilcorp is making available to me. Will Hilcorp adjust my “available-for-sale”?
Currently your monthly “available for sale” volume is based upon your ownership percentage in the current production. Once we get accurate imbalances your monthly balances may be adjusted upwards or downwards accordingly to represent the appropriate makeup.
I want to change gas marketers. How do I do that?
We are developing a system that will accommodate wholesale changes on a routine basis. In the meantime, if there is a specific issue you would like to discuss please contact the marketing group at
Where do I update my ownership address to ensure my address is correct?
Address can be updated by letter, fax or email as follows:

Hilcorp Energy Company
1111 Travis Street,
Houston TX, 77002

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 61229
Houston TX 77208-1229

By Phone:
(713) 209-2457
8:00 AM-5:00 PM

By Fax:
(713) 289-2842

By E-mail:

When do you expect to send out a marketing election letter?
We plan to send out marketing election letters in 2019. Please check back for any updates.
Why is my revenue being netted against my joint interest billing?
Hilcorp nets unpaid joint interest billings against working interest revenues prior to revenue payments being processed.

Questions about other topics

What is a Division Order?
A Division Order is a directive signed on behalf of the Interest Owner verifying to the purchaser or operator of a well the decimal interest of production owned by the owner. It also provides the owner’s remittance address and taxpayer identification number.
Who do I contact to determine the value of my mineral interest?
Hilcorp does not provide any type of valuation or opinion of your interest.
Where do I send documents to have them recorded?
All heirship and conveyance documents must be filed of record with the parish or county where the property is located.

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