Vendor Relations

Hilcorp has implemented an electronic invoicing solution to improve operational efficiencies with our vendors and cost effectiveness throughout our organization. Our new e-invoicing system is powered by Cortex Business Solutions.

We encourage our vendors to become members of the Cortex Trading Partner Network. As a member, you will have the capabilities to connect electronically to us, additional buying organizations and 8,500+ trading partners who are already transacting on the Network.

Becoming a member of the Cortex Trading Partner Network will also enable vendors to:

  • Quickly and securely transfer business documents electronically to your buyers
  • Reduce high costs associated with traditional accounting business processes
  • Access a single integration for multi-format invoicing
  • Receive no disruption to invoice submission due to postage handling
  • Use a new simplified sign-up process directly form the Cortex website

Our successes on the Cortex Trading Partner Network

Since the start of our e-invoicing project in January 2012, over 1,000 Hilcorp vendors have registered to the Cortex Trading Partner Network and are sending invoices to us electronically. All are experiencing the benefits of having visibility to their invoice status after submission and are getting paid on time.

We continue to work hard to provide additional benefits to our vendors as we automate our processes to allow quicker payment on invoices and increased communication.

View the Cortex Network FAQ

Contact Information

If you have questions for us regarding our e-invoicing initiative, contact us:


Additional Information for Current Vendors

Changes to Vendor Information

Address changes: Please send a signed letter on company letterhead notifying Hilcorp of your current/correct remit-to address.

Name changes: Please send all certified company change documentation along with a signed letter stating details of the change, as well as an updated W-9.

Please mail to:

Hilcorp Energy Company
PO Box 61229
Houston, TX 77208-1229

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Cortex Business Solutions is a pioneering online network that increases the velocity of commerce by helping companies connect and interact with each other to transmit documents and grow their businesses.

The Cortex Trading Partner Network allows buyer and supplier organizations to exchange documents, such as PO's, field tickets, receipts and invoices, quickly and easily resulting in improved cash flow management and business controls, while reducing days outstanding and administrative costs.

For more information about Cortex visit, email or call 1-866-716-6272.