Best Places to Work

The atmosphere at Hilcorp is innovative, with a small-company work environment that people enjoy. Here’s what employees are saying about working at Hilcorp:

“I believe that what makes this company special is that every employee is motivated to succeed. With management that recognizes good work ethic and work product, every employee strives to do the best job possible. I can’t imagine a better place to work.”

“Unlike most companies Hilcorp treats everyone as a person, not just a number getting the job done!”

“There is a sense of camaraderie, respect and all-in-this-togetherness that permeates throughout the company and is apparent in our work product and level of excellence. It’s refreshing to go to work every day at a place that brings greater clarity and progress to my personal and professional life. I happened on to Hilcorp, and with everyday I’ve worked here, I’ve come to realize more and more – just how lucky I am to have found such an exceptional company with such exceptional people.”

“I have never worked at a place where absolutely everyone from the receptionist to the execs, knows the direction we are going and are working towards that goal. I also see that there are no turf wars. Everyone is excited to see other teams succeed, because when they succeed, we all benefit. I feel blessed every day I found this company and have the opportunity to be part of the Hilcorp Energy Company family,”

“We operate as a team company, we have clear goals and are given the resources to achieve them with rewards to match the goal level we progress to. You are treated like a person not an employee. You are given a job to do and not micromanaged to the point of just doing what is told but doing the job right, efficient and productive.”

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