Life & Success at Hilcorp

Our Employees

Hilcorp’s greatest resource is its people. Employees are quick-thinkers and action-oriented, empowered to work like “owners” and rewarded through unique opportunities, superior programs and an exceptional work environment. We are different — from our monthly Open-Book Management meetings to maintaining our reputation as the industry’s “operator of choice.” We do the right thing, treat people fairly and we play by the rules with honesty and integrity.

Max“I really enjoy working for Hilcorp; it’s fun being on a ‘winning team’. I spent the first 19 years of my career working for companies that were essentially going out of business – they were constantly reorganizing, downsizing, and selling assets. It was hard to stay focused and be successful when there were so many distractions. At Hilcorp we work a little harder (and smarter), but if you want to be the best you have to.”

-Max, Area Operations Manager


Amanda“If there was a way to itemize everything that has happened each day along my five years, everyone would understand how privileged I am to be Hilcorp’s receptionist. I have endless reasons to smile, to applaud, and to motivate. I’ve grown in my role as your receptionist, and I have also learned to understand why Hilcorp is the ‘Best of the Best’. We work each day for one goal, and we all do it so enthusiastically.”

-Amanda, Receptionist

Our Entrepreneurial Spirit

When we wanted to know what makes a successful Hilcorp employee, true to our culture, we went straight to the employees. Overwhelmingly, the responses had a theme — having an entrepreneurial spirit.

Hilcorp is innovative in every aspect of its business, which challenges employees to think outside the box every day. When we say everyone we mean everyone! New college grads are attracted to Hilcorp because of the responsibility they will have and the variety of things they will get to experience at Hilcorp. Employees who are self-starters and hard-workers fit right in and can see the financial rewards of their efforts. Our core value of Ownership – “Work Like You Own the Company” sums up our commitment to sustain our entrepreneurial drive.