• We believe our industry, and Hilcorp specifically, can have a positive impact on the communities where we operate, whether rural, urban, or tribal. We are a committed partner and regularly interact with property owners and community groups. In fact, our employees and their families are often members of the communities near our operations. Therefore, they proactively engage with others in the community. Hilcorp provides many direct benefits through the power of individual giving and volunteerism.
  • Hilcorp is a collaborative and innovative company. Our employees are continuously learning and striving to improve, and we always encourage that entrepreneurial spirit. As a result, Hilcorp has regularly been recognized as a top workplace in the industry and in the country. The best and brightest individuals in our industry come to Hilcorp, embracing our culture and our commitment to be a leading community partner.
  • Our commitment to social responsibility, our culture of giving, and emphasis on safety is built on a strong foundation of transparency, mutual respect, and ethics, all of which adds value to our business. We protect our people, our communities where we live and work, and our surrounding environment.


At Hilcorp, corporate stewardship means empowering and developing our workforce, investing and meaningfully contributing to our communities, and prioritizing the protection of our people. Fostering and maintaining these mutually beneficial relationships ensures Hilcorp’s durable and lasting success in what can be a challenging industry.


  • We are committed to the continued improvement of our safety culture and performance. In fact, safe and environmentally responsible operations are key metrics used to define our success.
  • We focus on maintaining a robust safety culture through positive engagement and training. In 2018, Hilcorp’s Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) teams offered more than 25,000 hours of training to raise the safety awareness of our employees.
  • At Hilcorp, we always strive for continuous improvement. That is why every month we hold safety meetings with management; we review lessons learned, discuss risks of upcoming work, trends of incidents and injuries, and plan mitigation efforts. Hilcorp also regularly performs internal drills to keep our skills sharp and to stay up to date with the latest response technology, tactics, and regulations.
  • We provide our emergency response team with training and conduct quarterly drills to make sure our team is prepared to respond to a range of possible disruptions and to meet all regulatory requirements. After training, the team further develops their skills with table top exercises and full field deployments. Partners from the regulatory community, oil spill response organization, and industry come together for a day-long table-top exercise as well. Larger exercises are completed three times a year, while smaller exercises are completed throughout the year.
  • Everyone has Stop Work Authority. This is our pledge that empowers all of our employees and contractors to stop work if activities or behavior appear to be unsafe. Additionally, Hilcorp Alaska created the Pause and Safety Program to ensure our employees feel comfortable intervening if they see any risky behavior. When witnessing an unsafe situation, employees will hold up four fingers to a colleague. This tells them to stop what they are doing and to think of the four most important people in their life, encouraging them to find a safer alternative to carrying out their task.
  • We also ensure our contractors are held to the same high safety expectations. We require minimum EHS requirements for our contractors, including an EHS plan that addresses risk specific to the work they perform. In addition, periodic contractor safety workshops held by Hilcorp to train, review safety metrics, and reinforce our expectations. We also utilize ISNetworld to help bridge the gap with our contractors.
  • To further incentivize a safety culture among our contractors and to improve their safety performance, Hilcorp developed the Safety Watch Program, which supplements our minimum contractor safety requirements and the contractor’s own safety programs, as well as federal and state requirements. The program includes an escalating step-by-step process for the first three OSHA recordable incidents and if any contractor does not abide by the program, they will not continue work on any Hilcorp project.

  • Hilcorp is a company built on energy – the energy of our people and the energy we produce. Our company’s success is bolstered by our passionate and innovative team of winners who are each personally invested in the company. This is demonstrated by our low voluntary turnover rate of 2.8% – by far the lowest in the industry. 
  • We empower our people, provide them the tools they need to be successful, and foster development of our workforce. This is supported through our practice of Open Book Management, as well as our deep commitment to helping our employees discover and develop their talents. In fact, “developing people and culture” is 25% of every employee’s annual performance rating. 
  • Hilcorp is an Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action employer. Race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, age, marital status, or any other characteristic protected by the law is never a factor for employment decisions. 
  • We embrace diversity and reinforce our inclusive culture. It has always been the Hilcorp way to foster a culture forged by people from all walks of life and we are committed to opportunities for everyone in our company. As a result, we are blessed with tremendous diversity. 
  • Hilcorp has been recognized consistently for being a great business in the industry and for our workforce. We are a top place to work. 
  • Ranked in the top 100 Best Places to Work in America by the Great Places to Work Institute and FORTUNE Magazine for seven years. 
  • Recognized as a Best Medium Sized Workplace in America four years in a row. 
  • Recognized as a Best Workplace in Texas in 2020. 
  • Named a top Midsize Workplace by the Houston Chronical four years in a row. 
  • Ranked as a Best Workplace for Millennials by the Great Places to Work Institute for six years. 
  • Ranked among the top Manufacturing and Production companies in America by the Great Places to Work Institute for five years.

  • We are proud of our culture of giving. Hilcorp and our employees support charities in local communities and through volunteer work, provide financial resources to help young people pursue their dreams of higher education, and strongly encourage philanthropy among its employees. Over the last 30 years, we have proven to be an outstanding corporate citizen and philanthropic leader in the communities where we operate. 
  • It is our mission to encourage employees to be “lifetime givers.” As a result, the Hilcorp Giving Program was created to drive philanthropic decisions down to each individual employee, instead of an executive-led committee. Through the program, a charitable trust is created for each new employee and Hilcorp provides an initial grant of $2,500 towards that trust. Each year thereafter, Hilcorp matches employee contributions dollar for dollar up to $2,000. Employees can donate to any qualified, non-profit organization they choose. 
  • The power of an employee-led charitable contribution model is incredibly impactful. Overall, Hilcorp and our employees have donated over $18 million since 2007 to charity organizations across the country benefiting many causes. 
  • It is important to mentor, grow, and develop the future leaders of our industry and country. Through Hilcorp’s Future Leaders of America Scholarship Program, we have provided nearly $1 million in scholarships to more than 150 Future Leaders from 50 different schools across 10 states. Likewise, through the Hilcorp Scholarship program, we have provided nearly $1.2 million in scholarships to 106 children of Hilcorp employees. 
  • Hilcorp also partners with schools local to where we operate, whether it’s a Work-Study Program for high school students, or presenting the opportunities and experiences in the industry to career and technical schools. We believe it is important to invest in the next generation of business leaders and educating them in the industry.
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