Vendor Relations

Hilcorp Companies have transitioned to a new invoice submission process.

The new FS2AP Supplier Portal is also being implemented. This is a phased implementation. Vendors will be invited to register and begin using the Supplier Portal over the coming weeks. Until a vendor has successfully registered for the Supplier Portal, all invoices should be submitted via email.

If you have already registered for the Supplier Portal, please click HERE for additional information and training materials.

For vendors not yet registered for the Supplier Portal, please see the information below.


Have invoicing requirements changed?

NO – All previous requirements remain the same, the only thing that has changed is the method of invoice submission. Requirements include:

  • PO Invoices require PO Form
  • Non-PO Invoices require Hilcorp Representative signature and coding
How do I submit an invoice?

PO and non-PO invoices should be submitted via email to

What should be in the email submission?
  • ONE PDF per invoice
  • PDF should include the invoice with all required support
  • Invoice First! Please include the invoice document as the first item in the PDF, all other required support may be attached in any order
  • Digital PDF preferred over scanned PDF
  • Multiple invoices may be submitted with each email
  • Each PDF should not exceed 5MB in size
Will invoices that are invalid be rejected?

YES. Invoices submitted without required information will be rejected.

  • Email rejections will come from This email is not monitored
  • Corrected invoices should be submitted to
Is there a new invoice portal available?
  • The new FS2AP portal will be fully implemented in the coming weeks. Registration emails will be sent at that time and training will be available on this website
  • Please note that portal registration is not required to submit an invoice via email
Will there be a charge for new invoice portal?

NO. There will be no charges for use of the portal or to submit invoices in the future.

What happens to invoices submitted through Cortex Workbench as of 5/31/23?
  • The Cortex Workbench submission process has been disabled.
  • Invalid invoices submitted through Cortex Workbench will be rejected through existing processes until 6/30/23
  • Continue to monitor Cortex Workbench until that time for rejections
  • If rejection indicated, please resubmit through new email process at
  • After 6/30/23, Hilcorp will no longer use the Cortex Workbench. If you have questions about your Cortex subscription status, please contact them directly
  • Cortex subscription status or decision on refunds for unused periods are strictly handled by Enverus. Hilcorp will NOT be responsible for unused subscription fees
When will ACH Payment registration be available?
  • Email and letter invitations from our payment provider, FIS Global, will be sent early June
  • Please do NOT submit electronic remittance or bank account information to the invoice submission email
  • Check payments will continue until successful completion of ACH registration
Does this impact Joint Interest Billings submitted to Hilcorp?

No. This does not impact the JIB process. Only applies to Third Party Vendors performing work for Hilcorp.

Other FAQs
  • Do invoices still need to be signed prior to email submission?
    • YES. Non-PO invoices should be signed
  • Does the PO Form need to be included in the invoice pdf attachment?
    • YES. On PO invoices this is required
  • When submitting an invoice, will I receive a return email indicating successful submission?
    • NO. You will receive a confirmation that email was received, however any rejection notices will come later after initial processing/review.
  • How do I check on status of unpaid invoice?
    • The Accounts Payable team member handling your invoices can help. Please see attached Responsibility Listing for appropriate contact. (Link)
  • Should I submit past due invoices through
    • NO.
  • How should I submit Vendor statements for review?
    • Please refer to Responsibility Listing attachment and sent to appropriate Team Member. DO NOT submit statements through the invoice submission process.
  • How do I update or add email addresses in your records?
    • The following information will be required:


If you have questions for us regarding our e-invoicing initiative, contact us:


Do NOT submit invoices to this email address. Any invoices received will be returned. 

Additional Information for Current Vendors

Changes to Vendor Information

Address changes: Please send a signed letter on company letterhead notifying Hilcorp of your current/correct remit-to address.

Name changes: Please send all certified company change documentation along with a signed letter stating details of the change, as well as an updated W-9.
Please mail to:

Hilcorp Energy Company
PO Box 61229
Houston, TX 77208-1229


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