Our employees and our communities are central to our mission, our vision, and our core values. At the center of our model is the self-motivated, innovative, and aligned employee. At Hilcorp, employees find a place where they, their talents, and their opinions are not just valued; they are essential. Our communities are not just where we operate—they are where we live, raise families, and improve our shared future.

Our Communities

Hilcorp employees live and work in the communities in which we operate. Nearly two-thirds of our workforce are field employees. They make up the local school boards, serve on booster clubs, and volunteer for non-profit organizations. Hilcorp is a stable, growing employer that gives its employees the means to be leaders in their communities. Through our Hilcorp Giving Program, we aim to help employees become “lifetime givers”.


Hilcorp Giving

  • In keeping with our employee-centric philosophy, Hilcorp drives corporate charitable dollars to each employee so they can decide where their money goes in their communities.
  • The Hilcorp Giving Program is a partnership with the Greater Houston Community Foundation and the Alaska Community Foundation.
  • Upon hire, a Donor Advised Fund is created for each employee. Hilcorp provides an initial grant of $2,500 in that fund. Each year, Hilcorp matches employee contributions dollar-for-dollar up to $2,000. Employees are empowered to donate to any 501(c)3 non-profit organization they choose.
  • Because of Hilcorp’s employee-driven giving model, Hilcorp and our employees have donated over $80 million since 2007 to charitable organizations across the country benefiting causes that are important to our employees.


Scholarship Program and Support of Local Education

  • Hilcorp invests in the nation’s future leaders through two different scholarship funds.
  • The Hilcorp Future Leaders of America Scholarship Program, which provides scholarships to graduating seniors at high schools in the communities where we operate, has provided $2 million in scholarships to more than 287 Future Leaders from 54 different schools across 10 states.
  • The Hilcorp Scholarship program has provided $2 million in scholarships to 151 children of Hilcorp employees.
  • Each year, hundreds of high school and college students participate in Hilcorp’s summer internship program, our part-time work program for current college students, and in our workplace experience opportunities for high school students.



  • Hilcorp develops our culture of giving by supporting our employees, our communities, and our environment. In addition to providing regular volunteer opportunities, we encourage employees to find new ways to volunteer in their communities.
  • In the areas where we operate, Hilcorp partners with local schools through Work-Study Programs for high school students. Additionally, our employees present industry experiences and advice to students enrolled in career and technical schools, as well as local job opportunities with Hilcorp.
  • We participate regularly in local clean-up opportunities, food drives, community events, and fundraisers.


Disaster Response

  • Through the Hilcorp Helping Hands (HHH) program, our employees help each other overcome unusual and unexpected hardships. Since 2017, over $1 million have been given through Hilcorp Helping Hands. Whether an employee is dealing with a death in the family, impact from floods and natural disasters, or any other extraordinary circumstance, Hilcorp empowers our employees to help and support each other through adversity.

Hilcorp - Helping Hands Logo

Our Employees

At the center of our model is the self-motivated, innovative, and aligned employee. Employees know that they are valued, full members of the organization, all focused on our collective goals. The evidence of our employee-centric business model is in our low voluntary turnover rate, our consistent ranking as a best place to work, and the testimony of our own employees.


Empowering Employees

  • Employees hold a stake in the company’s success through the Buy-In Program. Our Open Book Management gives them the information to make the decisions that will meet our shared objectives. Employees’ expertise, opinions, and innovation are valued. As a result, Hilcorp’s 2.5% average voluntary turnover rate is among the lowest in the industry.


  • One-quarter of every employee’s annual performance rating is based on their ability to help develop people and culture. That expectation is backed up by offering over 42,000 training hours each year.
  • Because we place a priority on doing the right thing for our people, Hilcorp has never had a layoff.


Diversity & Inclusion

  • Hilcorp routinely surveys employees on their opinions about how Hilcorp can get better. Hilcorp outperforms the Top 100 Best Places to Work in America on Diversity and Inclusion.
  • Hilcorp is an Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action employer. Race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, pregnancy or maternity, national origin, age, marital status, genetic information, disability, military service or protected veteran status and any other basis protected by law are never factors for employment decisions.
  • We embrace diversity and reinforce our inclusive culture. It has always been the Hilcorp way to foster a culture forged by people from all walks of life, and we are committed to opportunities for everyone in our company.


Recognized As a Top Place to Work

Hilcorp is recognized consistently as a great place to work.

  • Ranked in the top 100 Best Places to Work in America by the Great Places to Work Institute and FORTUNE Magazine for eight years.
  • Recognized as a Best Workplace in Texas in 2021.
  • Great Place to Work Institute’s Best Place to Work in Texas for 3 years in a row.
  • Recognized as a Best Medium Sized Workplace in America four years in a row.
  • Named a top Midsize Workplace by the Houston Chronicle six years in a row.
  • Ranked as a Best Workplace for Millennials by the Great Places to Work Institute for seven years.
  • Ranked among the top Manufacturing and Production companies in America by the Great Places to Work Institute for six years.
  • In 2022, Hilcorp is the only Oil and Gas company on the Best Places to Work list.



Hilcorp operates in some of the most challenging environments. Every employee is mandated to stop work if there is a safety concern. Safety is our greatest priority and our responsibility to one another. At Hilcorp, safety is not a goal; it is a part of our core values.

  • Hilcorp’s safety culture and commitment to best practices has resulted in a 0.44 Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) that outperforms the industry average and continues to trend down despite employment growth and asset growth over the same timeframe.
  • Alignment on our safety goals is critical. Annual safety goals are established with input from every team and progress toward those goals is reported to the entire company monthly.
  • Training toward a zero-incident work environment is a point of emphasis across all teams.
    • In 2021 alone, Hilcorp offered more than 42,800 hours of the most up-to-date Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) training to raise awareness among our employees.
  • Learning from every incident is how we improve. Every month, management conducts safety meetings across the entire company where previous incidents are discussed, risks of upcoming work are evaluated, trends of incidents and injuries are evaluated, and mitigation efforts are planned.
  • Exercises and Incident Command Structure are a part of our operations plans. Hilcorp regularly performs internal drills to test capabilities, tactics, systems, and response.
    • We provide our emergency response team with training and conduct quarterly drills to make sure our team is prepared to respond to a range of possible disruptions and to meet all regulatory requirements. After training, the team further develops their skills with tabletop exercises and full field deployments. Partners from the regulatory community, oil spill response organization, and industry come together for a day-long table-top exercise as well. Larger exercises are completed three times a year, while smaller exercises are completed throughout the year.

  • Contractors are held to the same high safety expectations. We require minimum EHS requirements for our contractors, including an EHS plan that addresses risk specific to the work they perform. In addition, periodic contractor safety workshops held by Hilcorp to train, review safety metrics, and reinforce our expectations. We also utilize ISNetworld to help bridge the gap with our contractors.
  • Hilcorp launched two meaningful safety programs: the “Pause and Safety Program” and the “Safety Watch Program.” These programs promote awareness, alertness, and safety habits for our employees and contractors.
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